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February 23 | Blooming Beauties for Early Spring Containers | 1 pm | $45

Get ready for spring with some early blooming plants, and get a head start on the season. If you need help in planning and planting your next color change to take you to summer, this class is for you. We love creating interesting combos and plantings that will sure be the talk of the neighborhood. In cold climates early spring is still too cold to plant annuals. It's best to wait until you are past the average frost date. But, there are still a number of perennial plants that can stand a little chill. We'll give you the recipes for cool season arrangements, and guide you  step-by-step in this skill building workshop. You MUST rsvp as space is limited. Call the nursery at 208-995-2815 to reserve your spot.  Includes plants, soil, and pulp pot.

March 2 | Botanical Styling w/Air Plants | 1 pm | $20

Air plants are fun little epiphytes that don’t require any soil. Make a green style statement in your space with some cool ways to style airplants. This class explores the easy ways to decorate with plants, plus our best practices for care including light and watering. You MUST rsvp as space is limited. Call the nursery at 208-995-2815 to reserve your spot. $10 applied to purchase of an air plant.


March 9 | Microgreens and Herbs Kitchen Garden | 1 pm | $20

Start the season off healthy by learning how to grow your own greens. Whether you want to grow a kitchen herb garden as a hobby, to save money, or just for healthier eating, there are plenty of herbs you can grow in your backyard, patio space, or even a windowsill. Fresh herbs and microgreens make recipes taste even better and are great for soups and salads. Learn how to sow, harvest, and use your greens. You MUST rsvp as space is limited. Call the nursery at 208-995-2815 to reserve your spot.

$10 applied to purchase of herbs or seed packets.

March 16 | Botanical Styling w/Staghorn Ferns | 1 pm | $20

The latest indoor plant trend should have deer everywhere prancing with joy: Tropical staghorn ferns have antler-like fronds that (when affixed to a vertical surface)  mimic a taxidermied buck. Let us show some cool ways to display and decorate with these very cool plants, plus best practices for care. You MUST rsvp as space is limited. Call the nursery at 208-995-2815 to reserve your spot. $10 applied to plant purchase.

March 23 | Seeds 'n Starts: Ready Your Outdoor Pantry | 1 pm | $20

This class focuses on the best veggies to grow in the

Treasure Valley and when to get them started. We’ll take you from Spring to Fall with the best care practices and what you need to get started when soil prepping and bed planning. Extend the edible growing season with some key tips and tricks from our in-house garden stylist. You MUST rsvp as space is limited. Call the nursery at 208-995-2815. $10 applied to plant purchase.


Last Wednesday of the Month | 6 to 7pm | FREE

Given the huge demand for gardening knowledge in the Treasure Valley we are offering this FREE, community-driven garden series to help us all grow great gardens! We’ll be educating you about what you need to be doing in your garden so your garden will love you back. Held in our Garden Studio, we’ll enjoy a healthy discussion over light refreshments and answer all your questions. Taught by our principal designer and master gardener Kecia Carlson. She’ll be sharing her gobs of gardening experience with you!

March 27 | Creating a Low Maintenance Garden | 6pm-7pm | FREE

This comprehensive class focuses on how to edit your landscape to create a more drought tolerant or native garden. We’ll cover techniques to transition sprinklers, amend soils, select plants, and mulch. Our goal is to make gardens grow old gracefully  with us and be more rewarding. Please RSVP to attend as space is limited. Call the nursery to reserve your spot 208-995-2815.

We ask that you RSVP  to attend classes/workshops as space is limited. We can only accept reservations up to 2 days prior to the posted event. A 50% refund will be issued due to cancellation.

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We are always seeking exceptional individuals to join our Madeline George Team! If you are interested in working with us, please email us your resume and cover letter to info@madelinegeorge.com.

Hiring begins in January for positions starting in February and March.

Gardening Tips

Winter in the garden


Water your conifers when there is a lack of natural moisture and the ground has thawed.


Starting a gardening journal is a great idea during the winter months. Look at your landscape and decide what worked, what didn't, and what spaces you'd like to fill in the springtime.

Wish List.

Start a shopping list of seeds you'd like to start. Begin with your cool season crops like spinach, arugula, and kale. You can enjoy some sprouts early as baby and microgreens. They make a tasty treat when topped on cheese and crackers. Other seeds, such as peas can be directly planted outside in February.

Meet the Team

  • Kecia Carlson

    Kecia Carlson Principal Designer & General Manager "My passion is working with people to create meaningful, stylish and sustainable gardens. I adore the challenge of designing an outdoor living space or garden, seeing the space evolve and the joy it gives the people who live in it, care for it and embrace it. And, I love to observe Mother Nature - she's an amazing teacher!" 

  • David Carlson

    David Carlson Think Green Inc. David is responsible for the beautiful build out of our nursery! He and his amazing team - Ablelardo, Primo, Raul, and Armando - did an incredible job, as always. They are very creative and resourceful and it shows in their work. Together they bring life to the beautiful spaces designed on paper.

Our Story

We are committed to providing our customers the guidance and resources needed to create stylish and sustainable outdoor living environments.

Kecia Carlson founded the company in 2002 after recognizing that many people enjoy gardening and the process of creating a garden or outdoor space, but that each person has different levels of interest, knowledge and ability when it comes to design, horticulture and landscaping. That coupled with the environmental conditions of gardening in the Treasure Valley, only enhances the challenge of creating a great space. She launched Madeline George Landscape & Garden Design to help people create their outdoor living spaces - spaces that are meaningful, stylish and sustainable.

The company began as a small garden design firm. However, since 2002, the company has developed as an award-winning landscape and garden design firm and continues with its design work today. While a majority of the work is residential, the company has designed a number of public and commercial spaces and is currently involved in the design of JUMP in downtown Boise.

Together with partner company, Think Green Inc., Madeline George offers design and build services such as consultations, design, estimates, material selection, installation and construction. The company offers its services in an "a la carte" fashion to facilitate individual needs and interests. See the "Services" tab for more information about our services and fees.

In April 2012, the Company furthered its mission with the opening of a design-driven retail nursery, Madeline George Garden Design Nursery. The Nursery is innovative in its retail design and ability to showcase the variety of garden styles from which customers can draw inspiration for creating their own unique space, as well as education about gardening in the Treasure Valley. The Nursery offers a wonderful collection of plants that thrive in our climate and unique outdoor garden furnishings, including the classic, authentic French bistro line - FERMOB. The nursery also offers a selection of gardening accessories and supplies.

Visit us and let us help you create wonderful outdoor and garden spaces.

Style. Sustainability. Madeline George.